Organise your work

Cafienne is the case engine with integrated workflow execution

You can use Cafienne when your organisation needs coordination of work between people, machines and processes.

Visible collaboration speeds up delivery

Cafienne allows you to quickly build a visible model that is directly available as working software.

Building with Cafienne will speed up your development process and ease analysis of the way your company collaborates internally and externally.

Due to the nature of CMMN as the core of the system for coordination, connecting people to work together in teams is easy. The algorithms to coordinate work allow your organisation to stay in control of all work at hand.

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Reactive technology and ready for audit

The Cafienne engine keeps track of history in a way that all coordinated work is available for audit. The technique behind these mechanisms allows cafienne to be a highly scalable and performant system.

The Cafienne engine is based on the Lightbend akka actor framework doing the heavy lifting for a high performance clustered service.

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Cafienne is Open Standard and Open Source

Limit the risks on lock-in by using an open source implementation of the CMMN open standard.

Cafienne interprets a model that is designed according to the CMMN specifications.

> Read more about it in our reference guide.
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Getting Started

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